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"If you give the light to ignite the life of your brother, in you will shine more splendorous."

Albert Schweitzer

Upcoming Events

  • TBD (será decidido)
    To be confirmed
    Zacapu, Zacapu, Mich., México
    We want to give attention to 120 street pets to be sterilized and continue to decrease the over-population in the municipality and its communities
  • TBD (será decidido)
    A determinar
    Zacapu, Concha Acústica. Plaza Cívica Morelos.
    Achieve the participation of citizenship with their household pets and therefore contribute to strengthen the respect and care of themselves, so they will take advantage to make a collection of supplies and warm clothing.
  • TBD (será decidido)
    During July and August
    To determinate
    During july and august we will start have an awareness campaign about the importance of respecting the street puppies, avoiding being caught up and failure to transit respectfully and alerts to any accident that occurs.
  • 14 jun 2020, 12:00
    Zacapu, Plaza Civica Morelos
    With this campaign we take on the task of finding a home for pets that live on the street. We invite you to adopt.

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